Our clients

Our clients include more than 15 large-scale national and international corporations, over 50 well-known industrial companies in our core segments, as well as organizations of independent experts and public authorities. Some of them are listed below:

Our projects

Buckstay has been providing support for numerous large-scale national and international projects in the energy, process industry, transport, plant and special engineering sectors since 2011. Our teams bring in know-how from more than 250 large-scale projects in 11 countries. Some of the projects we have supported are listed below.

Wind energy

Wind turbine manufacturers, component manufacturers, wind farm and network operators

  • Contract management at the tendering stage for subcontractors for offshore installations in the North Sea
  • Subproject and claims management for offshore installations at Norwegian and Dutch yards
  • Project management services for several onshore wind projects in Germany

Power plant manufacturers

  • Conceptual work and implementation of risk management systems for various international power plant projects
  • Project and contract management up to the end user in various power plant projects
  • Processing and repulsing claims for construction period extensions for new building projects in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Africa

Power grids

  • Extensive project, risk, contract and claims management services for a plant manufacturer during construction of several offshore grid connection systems in the North Sea
  • Contract and claims management for one of Germany’s main grid extension projects
  • Conceptual consulting service for a German transmission system operator in drawing up tendering documents

Process industry

  • Development of an integrated project management organisation for construction of a new process plant in Germany; core functions implemented: project and risk management, contract management, scheduling and project controlling
  • Conceptual consulting and introduction of risk reporting for new construction projects in the pharmaceutical sector in Germany

Metallurgy sector

  • Establishment of project teams for project coordination, contract and claims management, and scheduling for steel mill projects in German-speaking countries and Benelux
  • Development and implementation of a risk management system for a leading German manufacturer of steel mill components: systematic identification and evaluation of project risks, implementation of risk-related meetings and risk reporting

Rail vehicle manufacturers

  • Comprehensive risk, contract and claims management for German rail vehicle manufacturers
  • Forensic contract and documentation analysis and enforcement of civil claims (amendments and downtime costs) with respect to a locomotive manufacturing contract in Germany
  • Schedule planning and production monitoring for several international rail projects