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the name is no coincidence

A buckstay is a girder that stabilizes the boiler of a large steam generator against variations in pressure. Our company name relates to our project background in the power plant business and reflects on how we see ourselves – as safeguards for decision-makers and companies when the pressure in projects rises. And with risks and claims that can quickly happen.

Jakob Winkelmann

Managing partner

A qualified lawyer and business economist, Jakob Winkelmann studied law in Heidelberg and financial economics in London. Before that, he trained as an industrial mechanic in machine and system engineering at Hamburg’s Blohm+Voss shipyard. His first job after graduation was as a contract and claims manager at Siemens and then Alstom, where he gained a great deal of experience in the international rail and energy business. After that, he was appointed head of contract and claims management at Alstom Power in Stuttgart, where he was also an authorized signatory. In 2011, he founded the Buckstay Group, which he now manages as managing partner together with Dr. Hans Berg.

Dr. Hans Berg

Managing partner

After studying mechanical engineering at ETH Zürich and completing his PhD in Hamburg and Duisburg, Dr. Hans Berg began his industry career in the marine engineering division of the Rheinmetall Group, first as a development engineer and then as a large-scale projects’ manager in the submarine systems unit. This was followed by international management assignments in the industrial division of Germanischer Lloyd and his appointment to the group executive council of TÜV Rheinland. As head of the industrial service division, he was responsible for TÜV Rheinland’s global industrial business in 45 countries. In 2018, he joined the Buckstay Group as managing partner.

Our experts

All the members of our intervention teams have special skills, a great deal of experience in the international project business environment, and the necessary know-how in project, risk and contract management. In Germany Buckstay has offices in Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. With more than 50 consultants – engineers, business economists and lawyers – Buckstay will offer you a highly professional and field-tested team for every kind of large-scale industrial project. Moreover, we can fall back on a pool of highly qualified external experts. Irrespective of whether you bank on the expertise, team skills or management qualities of our colleagues, you can be absolutely certain that every member of the Buckstay team will dedicate all their know-how, commitment and passion to your projects.