Buckstay – partner for important projects

The more complex a project, the greater the barriers that may have to be overcome. This is where Buckstay’s experience comes into play. We have been supporting and advising our clients in large-scale industrial projects since 2011. From project and risk management to contract and claims management we cover every area of relevance to you and your project so that major problems ideally do not crop up and potential risks are recognized early. These services are supplemented by our personnel consultancy Buckstay Experts GmbH, which fills vacancies in our clients’ companies and projects.


Project and risk management

Your success is our goal
Large-scale industrial projects are often highly complex and accompanied by a wide range of commercial, technical and legal risks. We support our clients in managing such projects both in a consultative capacity and during their operative implementation.

  • Managing projects or sub-projects
  • Project infrastructure and PMO services
  • Project controls (costs, schedule, technology/quality)
  • Risk management systems
  • Document management and change management

Contract and claims management

Success is negotiable
In many cases, contract and claims management in projects of a certain magnitude is a demanding business. Our clients find it helpful to know that there is a committed and competent team at their side – a team that will do everything to solve all kinds of claims and contested proceedings to their advantage.

  • Defense and enforcement of claims
  • Commercial strategies
  • Extension of time, forensic analysis
  • Contractual analysis, design, negotiation
  • Project integrity and compliance

Personnel consultancy

Successful with experts
The success of a project is entirely dependent on the people who work on it. Whenever our clients face any limitations with their own personnel, Buckstay Experts analyzes the situation, localizes the problem, and offers competent and effective advice in all kinds of personnel issues.

  • Personnel placement
  • Freelance personnel, interim management
  • Temporary employment
  • Process consulting

Management consultancy

Organized success
Since smart and highly professional management contributes to the success of any project, we naturally advise our clients in this regard and help stabilize projects or organizational units by means of smoothly functioning structures.

  • Strategic projects
  • Organization, processes
  • Management systems
  • Reporting

How you benefit

Back covered, risks under control

In many industrial projects hedging is an important factor for decision-makers. As your reliable partner, we ensure that your project stays on course even when risks occur and that you are informed about all essential developments. Our motto is simple: “No surprises”. In all this we keep a constant eye on all technical, legal and commercial issues, as well as the thread that runs through your entire project.

Reducing the burden on your resources

When we take on specific assignments in your projects, we do that to relieve your own project personnel. We can either take over entire work packages in project, risk and contract management or provide ad hoc support. Our aim is always to form a first-class and powerful team hand in hand with your own specialists.

Field-tested know-how in different industries

Our teams can point to know-how gained from over 250 large-scale projects in the energy, process industry, transport, plant and special engineering sectors. With our unbiased external perspective and knowledge of best practices from many different industries we are in a position to provide valuable impulses in both a consultative capacity and their operative implementation.

Tailored personnel solutions

In Buckstay Experts with all their experience in placing specialists in the project and financial businesses, our clients have the ideal partner for speedy and competent support in all personnel questions. The network we have built up over many years enables us to offer our clients a tailor-made solution to meet their needs.